Reduce your property's dependence on OTAs

If you have reservations for intermediaries, what is missing to have them directly on your website?

Increase the
direct reservations

Earn more revenue
with each guest

Do you know how much you pay intermediaries at the end of the year?

If you had reservations through OTAs, you can also have them on your website.
It is necessary to have an online presence that makes it possible to convert visitors into direct bookings to try to reduce the dependency and the burden on online intermediaries.

TurisBook , the system that allows you to generate direct bookings increasing the profitability of your accommodation due to its simplicity of use and technological versatility.
In constant evolution to adapt to the needs of your Hotel, it will allow you to sell the way you want.

Your complete calendar is the key!

From the administration of the reservation system TurisBook you have access to the calendar. You can change whenever you understand prices, availability, minimum stays, open and close sales, add meals to the accommodation. easy and intuitive, you will soon be your best partner.

Offers & Promotions

With the TurisBook reservation system you have the possibility to easily include offers to customers, activate special voucher, promotion, create loyalty code which allows you to sell exactly how and when you want according to the availability of your accommodation .

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